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Introducing Slydepay App

Your money has never been this sexy...

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Slydepay aims to simplify and revolutionarize the way you manage your finances.

Add Money to your account

Ever wondered how you were going to fund your Slydepay account? Well, with the Slydepay app, you can, using different means.

Just choose an option to add money and you're good to go. It’s a no brainer!

Pay Slydepay Merchants Easily

We understand what it means for you to shop and pay for services on the go and that’s why we made Slydepay.

After browsing and selecting an item from a Slydepay merchant’s shop, you will have options to TAP TO PAY WITH NFC, scan a QR code or enter a pay code to pay.

Send money to other Slydepay Users

Having the option to send money to other Slydepay users is made a breeze.

All you need to do is enter the amount and the recipient’s email and VOILA!, money sent. No transaction fees!

What’s a Financial app without insights?

Knowing how much you spent or saved helps you understand how you manage your finances.

With Slydepay, you can monitor all your transactions under your Money Story option.